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Break Pile

Break Pile is unique brick breaker style game. Where blocks are knocked down and stack the blocks at the bottom.


Gameplay is straight forward just knock out all the blocks and pile it up at the bottom. A mix of special power-ups which increase, shrink your paddle, add extra balls to the mix, and many more. Every level is uniquely design and unique in its own way.


  • Power ups

  • Paddle Skins

  • Leader Board

  • Haptic Feedback

  • Progressive Levels

  • Massive levels

  • Mini Levels


Action | Arcade


iPhone | iPad


Ratings and Reviews


cyugao, 01/05/2023

A great remake of the classic. Some improvement would make it even better. My suggestions: 1. It is unclear to me how some of the power ups work, the one that makes the bricks more colorful? 2. I think you need to add more jitter to the ball or tweak the physics a bit more. Sometimes the ball keeps bouncing between the left and the right side and never stops (or moves vertically very slowly). 3. Initially the ball always goes straight up. More control should be given to the gamer. Some power ups respawn the ball vertically, which doesn’t make much sense to me.

Jorge creator, 01/03/2023

This is a simple yet fun version of brick break. What I like is how quick you can finish a level so it’s a perfect pick-me-up game. The point system is cool and the shop makes it interesting for customization. There’s plenty of levels too so even if they are short you won’t run out of rounds to play!

WRS15743, 02/18/2022

This is a super good arcade game for when you want something fun and active to play when you have a few minutes here and there. The app works smoothly and hardly uses battery. The minimalistic design is cool. And there are no ads or IAP, just a very fair premium price. You did everything right developer, thank you!

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